Who we are

We’re one Rotary. We’re one big team. And we all work together to achieve the very same thing – supporting people who need a hand in the community where they live.

We champion people from all walks of life at home and abroad. On our home turf, we support young, old and disadvantaged people alongside budding entrepreneurs and businesses. Around the globe, we support deprived groups and communities in developing countries – helping them to rise from poverty and move towards shared and sustainable prosperity. Our polio campaign has, over 35 years, virtually eliminated the disease worldwide.

Who we are

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There are more than a million Rotarians across the world.

Famous Rotarians, past and present, include
Bill Gates, Luciano Pavarotti, Angela Merkel, the Pope, Margaret Thatcher, Prince Charles and Walt Disney – as well as presidents, inventors and explorers. You don’t need to be the Pope, a prince or president to join us though!

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We hold all sorts of brilliant events – to raise money, to create awareness of important issues and to make good things happen.

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Rotary has been doing <span>Amazing</span> things...

Rotary has been doing Amazing things...

…in the world for more than 100 years. The organisation was started by a guy called Paul Harris. He was an attorney in Chicago. He wanted to create a professional group with the same friendly spirit he’d felt in the small towns of his youth. He gathered three other professionals, and they met at one of their offices in downtown Chicago. They decided to call the new club ‘Rotary’ for their practice of rotating meeting locations.

We owe it to this quartet to keep growing; to keep doing great things across the globe.

Watch Us In Action

Rotary in Lockdown
Watch our Rotarians speak about how they spend time at home, in safety, while still managing to help others.
Rotary and the Environment
Emily Stevenson speaks about what it means to be a Beach Guardian and how you can help Rotary save the oceans.
Covid-19 Food Banks
See how Rotary4Foodbanks helps people in need with stocked foodbanks and fully fledged transportation companies.
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Get Involved Volunteer Today

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